Westwood Avenue NR33 9RW - 469136

Closes 30 Nov 2021

Opened 2 Nov 2021


Last year, following a review of Post Office service provision in the local area, we piloted a new branch format which opened in 07 December 2020 at Bushells Bakery, 61 Westwood Avenue, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 9RS.

We have continuously reviewed performance of this pilot branch and its impact on the local area and we have decided to make this branch a permanent local and a replacement for the previously temporarily closed Westwood Avenue branch.

Your new Post Office branch

Customers would access Post Office services at a low-screened, open-plan, modern serving point that’s part of the retail counter. Working with the postmaster, we have adapted the premises layout, fixtures and fittings to accommodate the Post Office till. The branch will offer a wide range of Post Office products and services.



We have provided posters for display in the new premises to let customers know the good news. 

We are keen to restore services to this community as soon as possible so we are now progressing with these plans. However, we would welcome suggestions about specific aspects of the change such as access arrangements and the internal layout.

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