Poulton GL7 5JE - 374471

Closed 10 Jul 2019

Opened 29 May 2019

Results Updated 27 Sep 2019

Following local public consultation, the letter below confirms our final plans for the branch.



We have relocated Poulton Hosted service to a new location - Poulton Village Hall, Cricklade Street, Poulton, GL7 5HS which tool place on 21 May 2019.

Why have we moved?

Unfortunately the previous premises were no longer available for Post office use and the relocation of the service needed to happen quickly. 


Why We Are Consulting

We’re carrying out a local public consultation and we’d like your views in particular about access to the new location. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans for this service.

What Happens Next

Thank you for considering our proposal. We will take into account any information and feedback we receive as we finalise our plans.