Portadown BT62 1HX - 325715

Closed 8 Oct 2020

Opened 27 Aug 2020

Results Updated 15 Oct 2020

Following the local public consultation, the letter below confirms our final plans for the branch.



We are relocating the above Post Office branch to a new location – Magowan West Shopping Centre, 23 West Street, Portadown, Craigavon, BT62 3PL. 

Why are we moving? 

Unfortunately, the above premises have been withdrawn for Post Office use at short notice and the building is being demolished. The relocation needed to happen quickly therefore we had to identify an alternative location to continue to offer Post Office services to the local community.  

The Postmaster had identified an opportunity to incorporate Post Office services into a nearby premises with stationery and giftware also on site.  Our Postmaster firmly believes that the move will help secure continued access to Post Office services locally, as well as supporting the viability of their business. 

The above branch closed on Friday 21 August 2020 and the new branch will open on Wednesday 2 September at 09:00. 

During the transfer of the branch customers requiring Post Office facilities may use any convenient Post Office services.  Details of two possible alternative Post Office branches are provided below for your convenience.

  •  Woodside Post Office, 139 Garvaghey Road, Portadown, Craigavon, BT62 1EH
  • Brownstown Road Post Office, 11 Brownstown Road, Portadown, Craigavon, BT62 4EB

 Details of other alternative Post Office branches can also be found using out website




Why We Are Consulting

We’re carrying out a local public consultation and we’d like your views on the proposal. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans.

What Happens Next

We will take into account any information and feedback we receive as we finalise our plans for the new branch.