Kilgetty Mobile Service - SA68 0UF - 401613

Closes 10 Feb 2021

Opened 13 Jan 2021


We have restored Post Office services to the local community of Llanfallteg with the introduction of a Mobile service, operating from the Car Park of Millennium Hall, Llanfallteg, Whitland, SA34 0UN. The new service commenced on Thursday 7 January 2021.

We’ve worked hard to identify a solution to restore services locally and a Mobile service, which is a travelling Post Office aboard a specifically designed vehicle that brings Post Office services and retail products to communities without relying on fixed premises, is a tried and tested way of maintaining service to smaller communities.

The postmaster from Kilgetty Post Office is running the new Mobile service, which presented the best possible solution to restore Post Office services to the community of Llanfallteg.

We have provided posters for display in the local area to let customers know the good news. If you are a local representative please share this information with any local groups or organisations that you know within the community, for example on noticeboards, local charities and in GP surgeries, to help our customers and your constituents understand what is happening to the Post Office in Llanfallteg.

In order to restore the Post Office services to the Llanfallteg as soon possible, we have already commenced the new Mobile service on 7 January 2021. However, we would welcome suggestions or comments about specific aspects of the change such as how easy is to get to the location of the Mobile service and service opening hours.


To accommodate the new Llanfallteg Mobile service there have been some changes to the Blaenwaun Mobile service opening times which is also operated by Kilgetty Post Office. Further details of the changes to this service are provided at the  letter below.


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