Chapel House NE5 1DT - 404329

Closed 11 Oct 2018

Opened 13 Sep 2018

Results Updated 23 Oct 2018

Following local public engagement, the letter below confirms our final plans for the branch.



We are delighted to let you know that following the temporary closure of Chapel House Post Office we will be re-opening the branch on Wednesday 31 October 2018 . This will be in a new location - Heron Foods, 1 Shopping Centre, Hillhead Parkway, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 1DT. 

Your new Post Office branch

Customers would access Post Office services at a low-screened, open-plan, modern serving point that’s part of the retail counter. Working with the postmaster, we’d adapt the current store layout, fixtures and fittings to accommodate the Post Office till if needed. The branch will offer a wide range of Post Office products and services over longer opening hours, so customers can access their Post Office when it’s convenient. Customer satisfaction with local style branches stands at 96 per cent, and nearly 20 per cent of local branch customers visit outside traditional opening hours.



We have provided posters for display in the new location to let customers know the good news. If you are a local representative, please do also share this information with any local groups or organisations that you know within the community, for example on noticeboards, local charities and in GP surgeries, to help our customers and your constituents understand what is happening to the Post Office in Chapel House.

We are keen to restore services to this community as soon as possible so we are now progressing with these plans. However, we would welcome suggestions about specific aspects of the change such as access arrangements and the internal layout.

What Happens Next

Thank you for your support in restoring the Post Office service in XX.