Alveley WV15 6NG - 238246

Closed 15 Feb 2018

Opened 4 Jan 2018

Results Updated 16 Mar 2018

Following local public consultation, the letter below confirms our final plans for the branch.



We are pleased to inform you that the Postmaster from Potters Cross Post Office has been identified, who will offer a Hosted Outreach service from inside the Alveley Community Centre.

This new service will replace the current mobile service being operated from the car park. 

Our priority is to safeguard Post Office services to the local community in the longer term.  The change to a Hosted Outreach service operating inside the Alveley Community Centre, presents the best solution in the area and will also create a more secure service to the local community for the future.

Why We Are Consulting

We’re carrying out a local public consultation and we’d welcome your views on the proposal. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans.